Thursday, April 22, 2010

My OOTD and some other great stuff =D

This week has actually been pretty good. At work the kids were somewhat tolerable =D and my friends back in the states might found a house for my husband and me (remember I put everything in storage when my husband deployed and I went back to Germany, so we need a house AS SOON AS HE GETS BACK!) It's really hard to find a house by july when I don't get back to the states by july lol. But thank god for friends like Dee & Jon. They have been a big help to us. However, they might found a house just like we wanted it BY THE OCEAN! (We live in WA) I'm so excited, I hope it works out! All that was important to me was a good area and I know old Steilacoom is an great and safe area. Moving to the states I realized you have to be really careful about where you move. We don't have that many "shady" areas in Germany...and I was quite surprised when I moved to the states =)
Another thing that I wanted to say a while ago, I got my first blog comment last week and I'm so excited! That was the first thing I told my husband when I talked to him the other day lol. A BIG thank you to Taylor from Taylor wears Everything. I'm a big fan of her blog, and you should def check it out!
Well, enough small talk lol, coming to my OOTD. Black AGAIN, but I like it =) Excuse my chucks in the background, I wore those to work today, because it's easier to chase 2nd graders with chucks than with heels =D
No mirror picture today, because it wouldn't show off my fabulous pants!

Tanktop - Alley Kat
Shirt - C&A
Belt- Tally Weijl
Pants - Tally Weijl
Pumps - Jumelles

Kids at school asked me if those are leather pants ha, but no they're satin. I found these at a clearance rack last year. The last pair in my size. I paid 10 or 15 Euros which is about 20 Dollars. Great buy. I love em =)

I love these pumps! The picture doesn't really show it but they are really high. One of the highest I own, but to my surprise they are really comfortable. I wore them couple of times when I went out with the girls (we went dancing) and my feed didn't hurt at all! =D

Well, it's almost midnight, time to say nite nite =)

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Taylor said...

You are too sweet! And so is your bow belt today, very femme. LOVE the shoes! The best thing ever = hot PLUS comfy!