Monday, April 26, 2010

Wet n Wild Mini haul (NOTD)

Shopping on base I always have to stop by the cosmetic aisle. They always have great deals on make up at the PX/BX.
I could spend hours there..sigh =)
Recently, I've noticed some new Wet n Wild products and absolutely LOVED the colors. They had a sale and I paid 99ct for nailpolish and 1,99 USD for lipstick. The lipsticks were almost all sold out =( I grabbed two.
The lipstick are great for the price, very pigmented and not over-drying! The colors are fresh and vibrant.
"Mauve outta here" is my favorite! It's a barbie pink color. I Love it.
"Think Pink" is a light nude pink color.
I bought 4 nailpolishes for 99cents each, thats unbeatable, so I had to try out a couple of colors. It's a decent polish for the price. It claims "5 days of chip resistant wear" and it kinda is, the color doesn't really chip, but fades at the tips after a couple of days, which is totally ok with me. I love the wide brush, it's really easy to use.
"Through the grapevine" is my favorite, it matches "Mauve outta here" =D It's a deep violet-purple color with a  blue tone. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
Red Tape(pretty bright red), Candy-licious (bubble gum pink), Through the Grapevine, Disturiba ( shimmery plum purple)

I'm really liking wet n wild cosmetics more and more =)
Well time for a BBQ tehe



Lorena said...

WOW What a great buy and a coincidence... I am wearing a purple color on my nails from Wet n Wild !
Unfortunately for me I did not get it at 0.99 cents... buuuu

Angie said...

super cute haul! i love wet n wild : )