Thursday, April 29, 2010

some more raawwwr =)

Today, I actually didn't feel like taking pics because I woke up with a stupid rash on my face =( Pretty itchy, it sucks, it's not really that bad, just a little red and feels very warm. Tried to remember if I used new products or something, but not that I can remember. It's just on my cheeks and chin. Hope it won't get worse! Anywhere but the face, how am i gonna cover that up? =D Today at school the kids were great, probably because of the weather. I think the temperature reached the 80s. whoohoo.
My OOTD is a leopard print (again) dress that I ordered on ebay last summer. It came all the way from china and I love it =D

Ignore the TV =D
Dress- ebay
Belt - Tally Weijl
Teddy Bear Necklace - Tally Weijl
Shoes - My sisters =D

This is me wearing the dress last summer right after I got it ha.
I always "model" the clothes when i first get them, eventho I tried them on in the stores. I always do a little dress up and try them with all different shoes and accesories! Who doesn't do that?=D

Ok that's it from me, I just saw my husband coming online on skype. Didn't talk to him all day.
Uh, one more thing, thanks for all the comments and followers! That makes blogging even more fun! =)

Hasta Luego,

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Lorena said...

That is such a pretty dress !
For your face rash - or any rash that's superficial - I keep an aloe plant at home that works wonders :)