Saturday, April 24, 2010

OOTD and some complains =D

Today was such a beautiful day! I think the temperature reached the 70s whoohoo.
Nonetheless a couple thinks bother me this weekend.
  1. Didn't get to talk to my husband that much =(
  2. The ticketprices to fly back to WA are craaazy!! They must have lost their mind. 1700 USD for a ticket?? No way will I pay that much! I guess I'm just gonna wait and see if the price goes down.
  3. I don't even have a ticket but I'm already so nervous about my flight back. 9h is such a long time and I'm a nervous flyer =( I HATE it. I just can't relax, especially when I fly alone. My last flight to Rome was HORRIBLE!! I'm not exagerating when I say that all the passengers were screaming and panicking (all except my husband that is lol) While landing we had the worst turbulences ever. We flew right into the WORST hurricane in Germany. I thought I was gonna die lol. I just don't know how to relax, I tried EVERYTHING. Watch movies, breathing techniques, sleeping pills, read a book, listen to music...I just can't relax and I can't fall asleep. So I sit there for 9 hours nervously clenching my butt cheeks , my hands are sweaty and I pray time will go by fast =D Yea, its that bad...
  4. I hate when PEOPLE aka FRIENDS don't pick up their phone or don't answer my texts! You can't be that busy on a weekend....
Well enough complaining, here is my OOTD
Dress+Belt - Allet Kat
Tights - Marshalls
Wedges - American Eagle
Necklace - Tiffany
Ring - Hubby

(I forgot to take a pic of the shoes!)


I love him, he's the best =)

Have a great weekend!



MsHark said...

Look how cute you look here!!!

I am SUCH a nervous flier, I can totally empathize!! I flew 3 hours yesterday and was freaked out almost the entire time. Every little bump and/or strange noise and/or change in noise... and I freak and am convinced we are going down. Haha. Its awful! and I fly in 2 weeks to CHINA! a 14 hour direct flight. yikes! 14 freaking hours!

Anyway have you tried xanax? It really, really helps and for my flight to China I am definitely taking it!!

My husband spent a year in Iraq so I can understand how you feel there too. Hang in there!


Lorena said...

I travel a lot for work.
My flights are usually not more than 7 hours each but they can be restless.... turbulent moments do not help.
I've had people next to me start crying out loud tears and all, grab me like it's the end - not fun.
I try to help myself get some sleep by popping allergy medicine that makes me sleepy :(
On another topic... Diego is sooo cute and those are great pics!